Family Law

Family Law is a body of laws and codes that define family relationships and issues related to families. While complex and encompassing many aspects of family dynamics, in one way or another family law simply assists people in creating, improving or breaking up family relationships.


Some of the categories within family law include:


  • 1. Marriage
  • 2. Separation
  • 3. Divorce
  • 4. Adoption
  • 5. Child Custody
  • 6. Child Support
  • 7. Paternity
  • 8. Alimony or Spousal Support
  • 9. Visitation
  • 10. Child Abuse
  • 11. Domestic Violence


Expert legal advice from a family law attorney can prove vital in making key decisions. When you are getting a divorce, adopting a child, putting a child up for adoption, modifying child support, and restructuring child custody or visitation, consulting a lawyer can prove invaluable. Legal counsel will not only help you to understand family issues, but also to achieve a favorable outcome. A family law attorney with years of experience will be able to adjudicate the appropriate remedy for your unique situation – whether you simply need legal advice, mediation, legal representation or litigation through the court system to resolve your issue.